— walking from Launceston to Hobart, along Tasmania’s Heritage Highway, over Easter 2016 —

04 July, 2015

2016 Prizes and Fees

The Inaugural Great Heritage Highway Walk Prizes and Fees:

The winner of the Great Heritage Highway Walk in 2016 will receive 40% of the total of all entrance fees (and a handsome trophy), with a guaranteed minimum of $1,000.  (If the Walk have thirty participants, for example, the first prize will be $1,200; if the Walk have fifty participants the first prize will be $2,000; if the Walk have one hundred participants the first prize will be $4,000.)  Second prize will be 7.5% of the entrance fees; third prize will be 2.5% of the entrance fees.
Other prizes will be awarded for best picture, most interesting souvenir obtained and suchlike.
The Great Heritage Highway Walk is not a race but a rally of sorts; the first prize will be awarded to the person who obtains the most points; points are awarded not only for walking along the the official route but also for visiting nominated places, uploading pictures thereof, and even solving puzzles.
The entrance fee for individual contestants is $100.  (The fee for a school team—eligible only for team prizes—is $250 a team of three or more students).  Fees will help pay for the various support services but does not include the provision of accommodation (except for camping at Epping Forest and Kempton); some providers of accommodation along the route, however, will provide substantial discounts for participants in the Great Heritage Highway Walk.
All participants in the Great Heritage Highway need to book their own accommodation for stays in Ross, Oatlands and Brighton (and, for those who don’t reside in Tasmania, Hobart).
Assistance in finding suitable accommodation is available.

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